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Elgato Game Capture HD Setup for Consoles in OBS

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You might be wondering, “Since I can stream directly from my current generation console, why do I need an Elgato capture card or to run OBS through my PC?”  Well…StreamerSquare already posted a handy guide for streaming directly from your PS4.  But you may want to boost your streaming experience for your viewers by using […]

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PC vs. Console: Which Platform to Start Streaming On

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WARNING: This article is not intended to start a fanboy war between PC gamers and console gamers.  So before you raise your sharpened keyboard to the sky and exclaim something about frame rates or start yelling about console exclusives…I’m here to say, “relax”.  This article is here to share some insight on what might be […]

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The CPU: Which is the best?

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In almost any location on the internet, whether forums, blogs or tech review sites, you can find someone asking the question, “Is my PC good enough to do this?”, and the biggest downside to this question, is that there isn’t just one simple answer. Throughout this article, I will use the terms “cores”, “modules” and […]

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