Operations Specialist

StreamerSquare has begun its next big step into a new chapter with the launch of SolarStream, widening its scope and taking on a whole new challenge while still maintaining the foundation that made them who they are today. As we forge ahead into this new chapter, StreamerSquare is looking for a part-time Operations Specialist to take point on administrative duties related to the financials of the organization.

Responsibilities for this role include reconciling bank accounts, organizing/updating internal financial statements, and preparing cost-benefit analyses of current and past projects. Additionally, the Operations Specialist will be responsible for annually preparing tax and W9 documents, as well as other related financial duties. The Operations Specialist will report to the CEO. 

As the Operations Specialist for a brand rooted in the streaming, content creation, and influencer industries, we expect our candidate to be familiar with the industries. In-depth knowledge of the latest streaming, content creation, and gaming news, as well as industry trends, streaming technologies, and companies with a vested interest in the streaming space is preferred, but not required.

All applicants must have the following:

  • 1+ years of operations experience
  • Experience handling sensitive financial information
  • Experience reconciling and balancing financial accounts
  • Experience using accounting software (Xero, Quickbooks, etc.)
  • Detail-oriented
  • Self motivated

This is a remote, hourly position, working primarily via Discord.

Hours: Flexible; 15-30 hours per month


  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Internal financial statements (monthly, yearly)
  • Tax file preparation (annually)
  • W9 updates (annually)
  • Cost-benefit analysis of past and current projects
  • Research, analytical review, or organizational tasks as necessary relating to finance (Google Drive, ClickUp)

Apply below, or click here for the application.

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