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What to expect in this course:

Working with goals can be one of the most energizing factors of success and, surprisingly, one of the most challenging! Let’s get you prepared for success.

Course Goals:
  1. In this course, you’ll find a general orientation to help you see more deeply into your own goal-setting process
  2. We want to provide some fantastic tools like S.M.A.R.T. goals, The Eisenhower Matrix or the 1-3-5 rule
  3. Determine how to prioritize tasks as a content creator
  4. Get you on the path of defining your own goals and victories



Bluejay is a full time content creator that specializes in modeling and tabletop roleplay. She has been a Twitch partnered streamer for six years, playing a variety of games including Dead by Daylight, Stardew Valley, Dragon Age, and other simulation and roleplaying games.

“One of the main things for me, when I’m trying to set a realistic goal, is analyzing how much of that goal is within my own control, how much I can accomplish entirely by myself…and how much of it is the effort of others.”

Setting Realistic Goals As A Content Creator

When it comes to setting goals – both as a content creator and in your personal life – it’s easy to aim too high or burn yourself out trying to achieve a lot in a short period of time. To prevent burnout or undue mental distress, you need to set goals you can achieve without relying on the winds of chance to get you there. Picking a Goal Goals are an inherently personal thing and must be defined accordingly. Your version of success won’t be the same as the next person’s, and holding yourself to the standards of others will never get you to what you want for yourself. As Steven Spohn, Twitch streamer and Senior Director of AbleGamers has eloquently said, “Success is defined to the individual and not by societal expectations.” You can push yourself to meet goals set by others, but happiness from achieving goals will only come if you define those goals. Define ‘success’ for yourself first and you’ll have exactly what you need to get to goal setting. Once you know what you want to achieve, you’re ready to set some goals for yourself. These goals can be as large or as small as you want them to be, and you can set as many as you want or feel is necessary. Goals can have short term ends or require long periods of time to complete. Your goals can also build on one another, with the completion of one setting you up for the next. The sky is truly the limit as you get started! Keep in mind that realistic goals will be things that are within your control. Circumstances change for viewers all the time, which has direct effects on these types of goals. Instead of setting a goal of a specific number of...

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