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What to expect in this course:

Choosing the right games or the right type of content to create is an important fundamental in enjoying your time as a creator.

There are viewers and consumers for every type of content you can think of so picking what you want to do comes down to making decisions that are right for you and not about chasing what’s popular.

Smart content choices can help sustain your audience and successfully bring in new, consistent viewers.

In this course, we’ll examine a case study of a streamer who avoided a new game. They stuck to what they were known for, opening them to an opportunity to grow their viewership by 137.5% within a month. OrcishWC Viewership Increase

Course Goals:
1. Discuss how to choose content that suits who you’re looking to be
2. We’ll break down the differences being a variety vs a single game streamer
3. Explain how to know when to switch games or what games to play

Choosing Your Content

When became Twitch, the popularity around the site remained one central focus: video games. They ruled the site. Today, there multiple streaming sites like Facebook Gaming and YouTube. Along with different sites, there are so many categories to choose from like IRL, cooking, crafting, ASMR, and so many more. Now comes you. You just started streaming or you’ve been at it for a while and haven’t quite decided what you want to do. Or maybe you love games but you also love creating content around blacksmithing or baking. So this module caught your eye and we’re here to help you figure out what types of content you want to showcase.  Who Are You? The first question you’ll want to ask yourself is what type of person are you? What interests you the most? Figuring out what your interests are will be a major milestone in producing your best content. You wouldn’t want to watch an architect explain how to cook a steak if he doesn’t enjoy cooking, right? No! You want Gordan Ramsey, exclaiming how beautiful the meat is and how good it smells. You want someone that is over the top for their love of the subject and that applies to content creation as well. So. Many. Options. There are so many categories to enjoy at all times of the day that you can find almost anything if you search for it. Some of the most popular categories currently in the streaming world are: Just Chatting On Twitch, Just Chatting is one of the busiest categories. It’s an up-close and personal look into what a streamer is doing at almost anytime. IRL streamers may explore cities, attend events, or just hang out and chat with their communities. LowcoShe/HerTwitch Partner Lowco has been a full-time streamer for over seven...

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