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What to expect in this course:

Capture cards are an essential part of any streamer’s tech kit.

They allow you to take non-PC content (like console games or DSLR cameras) and ‘capture’ the footage through your favorite streaming software. There are a lot of options, but we’re here to help you navigate the confusing and overwhelming information out there.

Course Goals:
  1. Break down the different purposes and factors for choosing a capture card
  2. Explain the difference between internal and external capture cards
  3. Show you how to set up your own capture card

This course will provide you with the resources to make an informed decision when picking your capture card so you can enjoy making content outside of PC gaming.

How to Choose a Capture Card

If you go onto Amazon right now and search “capture card,” you’re going to get over 1,000 results across 20 pages that vary in brand, price, size, and ability. Unless you know what you’re doing or have a tech-inclined friend willing to guide you through it, all of these options might seem a bit overwhelming. How do you choose between all these different capture cards? That’s where we come in.  Capture Cards (from left to right); Elgato HD60S+, TKHIN Ultra HD 4K HDMI Video Capture Card, Razer Ripsaw HD and the Magewell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2. The questions we need to tackle are: What do you need it for? What works best for your current setup? And what’s your budget? Some brands that specialize in tech, such as Elgato and AVerMedia, have a selector that helps you choose the right one! Answer a few questions about your reason for needing a capture card and situation, and it’ll show you what options best fit your needs. There are three main reasons to get a capture card: To stream from a console to a computer As an option for a dual PC setup To utilize a DSLR camera or camcorder instead of a webcam Depending on what you need the capture card for, there may be different options available to you. Console Capture To stream your console and take some of the load off your PC, look no further than your standard issue capture card. Elgato HD60 S, EVGA XR1 Lite, and AVerMedia Live Gamer options are all great budget choices. For that crisp 4K on your PlayStation 5, Xbox One X, or Xbox Series X; most capture card options have a 4K capable sibling. The Elgato HD60 S’s 4K sibling, for instance, is the Elgato HD60 S+. Be sure to double-check...

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