Silence Is Not Golden

Beginner’s Guide to Streaming: Silence is not Golden

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If you’re thinking about streaming or have just started, then you have already read the numerous articles telling you to continually talk no matter if the chat is empty or not.  And I know what you’re thinking, “Wait?  You want me to talk to myself?  Like a crazy person?”  Yep.  Just like that individual on […]

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Gaining Followers and Viewers

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“How do I get more viewers and/or followers?….” …. is probably one of the most asked questions on Twitch by newer streamers, and for good reason! It’s what drives your channel and yourself as a streamer. I might as well start with the bad news. There’s no secret and definitive way to start gaining viewers […]

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Dos and Donts of 24 Hour Streams

The Do’s and Don’ts of 24 Hour Streams

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24 Hour Streams are an event that many Streamers, both experienced and not, do for a variety of reasons. They may do it as a milestone for their channel, to challenge themselves, to fund raise money, or maybe just for fun. I’m actually writing this after my second 24 Hour Stream of the month which […]

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