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Jeff Brutlag

“I love the work StreamerSquare does because they provide insight and resources that can help ALL streamers grow, not just catering their advice to only one type of streamer. They're really about helping streamers find what sets them apart in content creation, and helping them utilize their strengths to become more successful in the industry.”

Twitch Partner

“I was lucky enough to come across Lowco and a group of streamers associated with StreamerSquare within my first year of streaming on Twitch.

I feel so incredibly grateful for that! Finding StreamerSquare helped me become a knowledgeable streamer much faster than I would have on my own and taught me skills that I have used to grow as a streamer and person over the last 4+ years on Twitch.”

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"Working with Lowco & StreamerSquare helped me organize myself as a full-time streamer. They helped me work on a plan to expand my content to other platforms outside of Twitch. Lowco's attention to detail is second to none! I highly recommend StreamerSquare for beginners and of course seasoned streamers. My only regret is that StreamerSquare wasn't around when I first started my journey."

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Twitch Partner Lowco has been a full-time streamer for over eight years. As Chief Executive Officer of StreamerSquare she uses her experience to help others learn how to stream and hone their talents. Lowco has an eye for how streamers can improve their channel, themselves, and strategic positioning to grow in this space.


"Working with Lowco was amazing. I came with a few questions about our always evolving industry and what steps I could take to keep up. We spoke one time and the amount of notes I walked away with still keeps me thinking and adjusting my content. Anytime I feel doubtful, I go back and review our notes. I cannot recommend working with her enough, and I do so any chance I get when folks ask."

Twitch Partner


“I can highly vouch for Lowco she does an amazing job and gave me important pointers for my branding!”

Twitch Partner

“The biggest takeaway I got from working with [Lowco] is that there are so many more aspects to streaming full time other than turning on the camera and hitting "Go Live"

Growth looks different for everybody, and there are many ways to do it, but I feel like I was tunneling on what I was comfortable with, and stagnated until we had our session together. You opened the door to all the other pathways I could be taking as a content creator and showed me that there isn't one "correct path" but instead a bunch you can work towards at the same time.”

Twitch Partner



ChristieSkylar is a cozy chaotic creative-variety streamer with two marketing degrees. As Chief Marketing Officer of StreamerSquare, she uses her over twelve years of direct and digital marketing and sales experience to help streamers take their branding and streams to the next level! With an eagle eye for aesthetics, she will give you the tools you need to make your mark in the streaming space.


Christie has been nothing short of sensational with providing guidance and expertise on how to shift my content in a direction where it aligns with my brand the best. Ever since that change, I've felt more confident about what I produce and how it can serve others around me. When someone is passionate about what they do, you can sense it from their energy when they offer their assistance. Christie certainly has that energy about her. She knows her stuff and I highly recommend working with her.

Twitch Partner



TheOrderOfDylan is a Twitch Partner and family-friendly broadcaster with a passion for people and helping others grow and succeed. Having achieved Partnership in just under a year and a half of streaming, he knows what it takes to quickly build and grow a community, while establishing a culture for your channel that viewers want to be a part of. With experience as both a partnered Twitch broadcaster as well as a content manager, Dylan can offer you advice and insight that will help you seize any opportunity in front of you and maximize your moment as a streamer. 


"Dylan has helped me so much throughout my Twitch journey, always giving me kind words of encouragement. A new expansion of the game I stream was coming out and he told me that it would be my time to shine and this has led me to apply for the first time for Twitch partnership and I am now a Twitch Partner!! It's an honor to have Dylan as a friend, mentor, and someone I look up to."

Twitch Partner

"When I first met Dylan, he was an inspiration. Great streamer with a positive attitude, solid schedule, and amazing community. He reached out to me in dm's and basically took me under his wing. From general advice to assisting with planning small events, Dylan was there to boost my content and my confidence. He offered advice on how to grow outside of Twitch, asked thought provoking questions about my direction as a creator, and reminded me that every streamer grows at their own pace with their own unique content."

When it comes to moderators, I can remember talking to Dylan about finding more moderators for my stream. I was growing at a faster rate than I predicted and I needed more help than one or two friends. Dylan offered advice on how to find moderators within my own community and how to set up a form to get general information/availability. It's been 5 months since he gave that advice, and I'm still using it today. I used that very same form to find more moderators this month to assist and continue to grow my stream.

When I first started out as a streamer, I didn't recognize opportunities when I saw or thought of them. I happened to run an idea by Dylan for a women's tournament, and he pushed me to host it. He recognized that the tournament could be the key factor in jump starting my career as a streamer and he was right. That tournament became my key to exposure and growth. Dylan pushed me to plan and host a tournament in less than 2 weeks, provided an artist for graphic art to promote it, and supported me throughout the entire process."

Esports Event Coordinator & Twitch Broadcaster


“10/10 Would get coaching again!

Even at 5+ yrs into this business, it never hurts to get fresh eyeballs, or just a kick in the pants.

Overall TheOrderofDylan was very knowledgeable, professional, and relatable for me. It felt so good just to talk business with someone who knows what the business entails, and the challenges that go along with it.

I personally prefer the one-on-one sessions. I want to cut through the usual how-to's, and surgically get to the heart of my own struggles. I found it well worth the money to get actionable, tailored information.”

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Tiffany Knighten

Tiffany Knighten

Tiffany Chanel Knighten is an award-winning publicist and branding consultant dedicated to empowering next-generation visionaries. 

Tiffany’s extensive career in marketing, communications & publicity spans over a decade. She’s worked on projects for nonprofits, brands, and media companies such as Viacom, VH1, Hot 97, Nasdaq, Super Bowl XLVIII, as well as prominent business executives and creative entrepreneurs.

In 2020, she launched her creative agency, Brand Curators, to support emerging women-owned businesses and help Black creators increase visibility through social and digital media. 

Tiffany's efforts to amplify diverse voices haven't gone unnoticed. In 2022, she was named as one of PRSA-NY’s Top 10 Black PR Leaders to Know and received Seton Hall University’s College of Communications and the Arts’ PR Impact Award for her commitment to mentoring rising PR professionals.

Tiffany graduated from Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ with a B.A. in Public Relations and Journalism, and is currently available for brand partnerships and consulting.

Latoya Irabor

"I love working with Tiff! She's so knowledgeable and a genius in every sense of the word. Since working with her I have been able to build a recognizable and solid brand that has enabled me to sign over seven contracts in just three months!"

-Latoya Irabor
TikTok Lifestyle Creator

"Tiff has such an infectious personality. She just *gets* it. She is so creative, thoughtful, and gives phenomenal insight into your brand and helps fill the gaps when you can't figure out what's missing. She also helped me think outside the box for my brand as I transition away from my old career and into a new one. I've been on a mission to change my social handles to be more reflective of my brand, but she helped me see why keeping my current handle makes perfect sense. I've worked in radio for 11+ years, so my handle has always been radiocarissa and I wanted to change it to reflect my love for beauty. Tiff helped me see that I'll always be "radiocarissa" at the core, and that I'm now broadcasting my love for all things beauty. She has a powerful mind and I am SO glad I was able to spend time working with her!"

-Carissa Abraham
Beauty Creator

Carissa Abraham



Greg, or Mrgregles as most people know him on Twitch, is a broadcast and streaming technology specialist. With over 10 years of experience in the streaming and film industry there is no one better suited to help solve any problem you have with your setup or help to build you one from scratch!

Having trouble creating a unique and interactive streaming setup? Do you want automation to make your stream setup and streaming easier? Or do you want to start from scratch and build something truly custom designed to meet your vision? We can help with that!

Experienced with all live streaming software on the market including but not limited to:

  1. OBS (Open Broadcast Software)
  2. Streamlabs Desktop
  3. SE Live (A plugin for OBS)
  4. XSplit
  5. VMIX

Also provides configuration for third party software such as:

  1. Aitum
  2. Lorian Board
  3. Streamer bot
  4. Poly Pop
  5. and many more

Let us know what you want to achieve in your live streaming journey and we can consult and build you a setup to truly stand out from the crowd.

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