So you’ve been curious about Mixer lately. You’ve seen the news about Shroud and Ninja, or you’re looking for a new place to call home. Let me be the first to say welcome! Mixer is a wonderful platform to begin or continue your adventures!

Where Mixer Came From

First, a history lesson. Mixer was originally called Beam, a platform designed by Matt Salsamendi and James Boehm. After these two entrepreneurs won the competition ‘Startup Battlefield’ they were able to fund the creation of the platform and take it to the public at the beginning of 2015. Sporting an interactive system and a response delay of below one second, Beam carried features that weren’t seen on any of the competitors; platforms.

Beam was acquired by Microsoft in 2016, in which it took about a year before Microsoft changed the name to Mixer. The name change was for global usage, as Beam was already a company used in certain parts of the world. Thus Mixer was born!

The Mixer Difference

So what makes Mixer so different? First off, as mentioned before, Mixer sports Faster Than Light (FTL) response times. Streamers that have the bandwidth can stream under Mixer servers with FTL activated, allowing an almost instant response to chat. This makes interaction almost like being in the same room as the streamer, with questions and responses coming after the hit of enter.

Second, maximum bandwidth for streamers is a huge 10000kbps. This means that 1080p and even 4k streamers can stream at the highest quality without partnership. If you’re able to stream at such a high bandwidth, this may be a move for you.

Mixplay is an interactive system that was designed from the ground up to work with Mixer. When the streamer has it activated, they can provide almost limitless interactivity to the viewer. Anything from sounds to graphics to controlling the buttons the streamer presses are all possible with Mixplay. This brings a lot to the table of streaming and interaction.

Where to Start!

With all that said, how do you get started on Mixer? It’s quite simple.

First, head on over to In the top right corner, you’ll see “Sign In”. Once you click this, you will see the Username creation tool through the “Create One” button right under the username boxes.

With this, you’ll need to set up a Microsoft account. This provides additional protection to your account and will allow you to create your Mixer username. You can use any email that you want so creating an account is simple!

Once you have gone through the process (including verifying from email), you are free to enjoy what Mixer has to offer! In future articles, I will discuss how to set up your stream for FTL usage and how to use Mixplay for your audience!