Content Editor

StreamerSquare is now beginning its next big step into a whole new chapter; ready to widen its scope and take on a whole new challenge while still maintaining the foundation that made them who they are today. As we forge ahead into this new chapter, we are looking for a part-time Content Editor to work with our Project Manager on an upcoming project. This editor will be responsible for the editing of advanced articles and related content, as well as managing all tags and SEO for this content.

Responsibilities for this position will include the editing and publishing of long-form articles through WordPress, the creation or delegation of creation of featured images for articles, and coordinating a publication schedule with the Project Manager. As a Content Editor for a brand rooted in the streaming, content creation, and influencer industries, we expect you to be up-to-date with the latest streaming, content creation, and gaming news, as well as industry trends, streaming technologies, and companies with a vested interest in the streaming space.

This is a remote, hourly position, working primarily via Discord.

Hours: Flexible; Averaging 20-30 hours per month.


  • Work with Project Manager to identify new content subjects for advanced articles, modules, etc. on a monthly basis
  • Work with Project Manager to develop and maintain module structure and publication timelines
  • Post a monthly update to schedules and communicate general information to the writing team, and check in regularly with the team for progress updates
  • Edit all content prior to publication, request changes from writers, suggest changes and perform changes as necessary
  • Add or edit embedded links or calls to action in articles related to new project offerings
  • Create or assign creation of featured image for WordPress URL
  • Assign all tags and categories to articles
  • Manage SEO on individual articles prior to publication
  • Publish advanced articles to the StreamerSquare website
  • Communicate with StreamerSquare Social Media team about new article calls to action
  • Maintain ClickUp’s accuracy with current articles, bounties and subjects
  • Review potential writing team applications and communicate with applicants
  • Request onboarding credentials from Admin team as needed

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