General Streaming

General Streaming Consultation

$40.00 50 minutes

These are one-off sessions that you can schedule as you need. Come with your own questions or topics and we’ll be ready to guide you through an eye-opening session.

Some of the things we can help with: content selection, branding, marketing, community building, identifying growth opportunities, social media guidance, task prioritization/time management, and more.

After we chat, you’ll will have a much clearer outlook on your stream, content, and direction!

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These are one-off sessions that people can schedule as often as they need. They are open format, meaning clients can come with questions, topics they want to cover, and I’ll have my own set of questions and we go from there. Topics covered include social media presence, marketing, branding, game selection, community building, and generally figuring out what aspects of their content creation journey they can improve or prioritize based on goals and time management. After we chat, client will have a much clearer outlook on their stream, content, and direction. Session length is 50 minutes.

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