Streaming First Impressions

How First Impressions Make a Difference

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Picture this; your favorite streamers aren’t online so you’re browsing new channels to keep you occupied. You come across a channel that looks interesting and is not large, but still fairly populated. In the channel you see a fairly pixelated stream, the streamer isn’t talking at all, and there are so many overlays that you […]

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OBS Encoding Problems

How to Fix Encoding Problems with OBS

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It happens to the best of us. You’ll be streaming, everything will be going fine. Then, a little red message pops in the bottom of your OBS screen, reading encoding problems. Your stream starts to lag and your quality is hurt. Don’t worry. You’re beautiful gaming PC isn’t to blame. OBS uses the best video […]

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Streamer’s Must-Have Checklist

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So, you love Twitch. You watch it so much that you are thinking about cancelling your cable bill for faster internet. That’s wonderful! Welcome to the club! What’s that? You would like to stream like your favorite streamer? That’s even better! Welcome to the community! Before you get started though, how about we write a […]

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Managing Viewers – How to grow your stream

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What game should I stream? How do I target a certain audience? Why do I lose viewers and followers when I change games? These three questions are commonly asked as a streamer. Here is some advice to those questions. How do you know what games will bring in the most views? There are a couple ways to […]

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