Twitch Studio Basics

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Despite Twitch Studio currently being in beta, it’s still a robust broadcasting software that allows anyone to start streaming on Twitch with little to no experience. The application comes with built-in integrated Twitch alerts, a broadcaster dashboard, and a clean user interface. After installing, users are taken through a guided setup. This avoids the “information […]

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Getting Started with StreamElements

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Introduction StreamElements is a featured-packed tool for streamers; it provides cloud-based overlays, a chat bot, stream stats, as well as merch and tipping solutions. It’s a one-stop-shop that can handle most streamers’ needs. With so many things to manage, StreamElements is a wise choice and keeps all your tools in one place. This guide covers […]

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Streamlabs OBS Advanced

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Introduction So, have you got the basics of Streamlabs OBS down? If not, head on over to our previous Streamlabs OBS article. Already got the basics down? Well, friend, there’s a lot more you can do. This article covers more detail when managing sources, scenes, and managing your event feed. This document also summarizes the […]

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OBS Setup

OBS Guide – The Basics

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Streaming has become a major competitor in the entertainment field. Between major streamers, pro athletes, and celebrities taking up the reigns, there’s no better time than now to begin your journey into the streaming world. OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) is a free program to use that can be set up in a few simple steps […]

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Streamlabs OBS Basics

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Introduction: Streamlabs Open Broadcaster Software (Streamlabs OBS) is a free program that integrates Streamlabs services directly inside a well established broadcasting application. If you’re looking for a broadcast solution that ties in a number of useful tools from Streamlabs, this a great option. This guide walks through the basics of set up so you’ll be […]

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OBS Studio Guide

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A pivotal corner of the streaming market, Open Broadcaster Software is a completely free program that allows anyone to dive into the world of streaming. With many variations out there (OBS Studio, OBS.Live, Streamlabs OBS) it provides an open library that can be utilized for developers to provide extensions and alternatives to consumers. We will […]

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The Basics of Using Zoom

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Over the past several months, Zoom, a video communication platform, has seen tremendous growth. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic spanning the entire globe, people and businesses have been flocking to online tools that help us stay connected. Whether you’re looking for better tools to work remotely and communicate with your team, or simply stay connected […]

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OBS Getting Started

Getting Started on OBS

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When you open OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, for the first time, you’re greeted with a blank screen and some buttons. It’s kind of scary but we’ll get you to streaming status in no time. We’ll go through some of the menus to help get you started. Not necessarily everything, but enough for you to […]

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OBS Overview Thumb

OBS Overview

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When talking about streaming, especially in the context of “Getting Started,” the subject of software quickly comes up. While more options are becoming available, Open Broadcaster Software or OBS has been around for quite some time. OBS is likely to be robust enough to produce any kind of broadcast you’d want to do as a new […]

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OBS Browser Source

How to Set Up Browser Source for Streaming

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If you use a donation or subscription alert system like TwitchAlerts, or maybe you are using BraneBot‘s polling system, chances are you’ve been given a long URL that you’re expected to plug in somewhere in order for it to display on your stream. This URL requires using a Browser Source in your broadcasting software. What […]

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